Hey cool C@Ts!  Build season is going great so far and we can already feel the intensity that is sure to come in week 3.

In week 2 a great deal of our team continued prototypes for our shooter and climber. After staying after school until 7 every weekday our chassis is already assembled along with the mechanical drawings of our entire robot! Each day, since day 1 of build season, our members have been actively seeking out sponsorship. We've gotten both money and extra materials from our lovely new sponsors. In addition with all of these progressions, selected team members have been working on the FedEx Challenges for a 5k grant and we are super excited to see the outcome. See you next week ;)


Here was our schedule for this week:

Mon: NO School. MLK day of service @ Dillard HS

Tues: 2:40 - 7:00 eSports/Popcorn Sales/Work session

Weds: 2:40 - 7:45 eSports/Popcorn Sales/Work session/ Emerging Computer Technology Open House

Thurs- Early Release, NO activities

Fri- 2:40-8:00 Popcorn Sales/Work session

Sat: 8:00-4:00 Work session

Thank you to all of the parents that provided food & drinks for our students.  A special thank you to all of the parents & mentors that worked alongside our students. Your time spent with the students has a HUGE positive impact upon building their character & knowledge base.

 SigmaC@T Robotics Mechanical team building our prototype shooter

SigmaC@T Robotics Mechanical team building our prototype shooter