Hey cool C@Ts!  

3, 2, 1, GO!! This years FRC Kickoff was amazing for the Sigmacats, and oh boy, does Steamworks look fun and challenging! As done in the past, everyone on the team gave input on strategies and ideas for our upcoming robot. Arriving at Motorola Solutions, an amazing sponsor of ours, as early as 9 A.M., the dedicated SigmaC@T members stayed till 3 P.M., a whopping 6 hours. Students alongside the mentors reviewed this years game manual, inside and out, and by the days end had quite a few solid strategies in mind for the FRC Steamworks game. The SigmaC@T's would also like to personally thank Motorola Solutions for hosting this excellent Kickoff event as always. BUILD SEASON STARTS NOW!!!

Steamworks Video

- Kosi