3..2..1 KICKOFF!!!!

Week one of the 2018 build season started off with an amazing kickoff event hosted by Motorola Solutions, an outstanding sponsor. 108, along with a group of other teams from all over South Florida, gathered together to watch the #PowerUp! game reveal. After a long day of brainstorming and collaborating  with team 4592 (@M3Robo) we knew that this year was going to be an exciting one! Once we arrived back at the lab, we set off to work in our respective sections. Mechanical organized new shipments of parts bought thanks to our amazing sponsors and began designing and testing prototypes. Electrical reorganized to better prepare for the new season and started working on wiring up motors for the 2018 robot. Software began to write pseudo-code for the new robots vision system and tested autonomous game data prompts. BUILD SEASON STARTS NOW!!!

See you next week!